Elance Freelancer

Elance Freelancer may have a deal for you! Most interactive database of jobs open to a global market, you have chance to find thousands of opportunities (jobs) for freelancer ....

If you have more well-developed skills you can try to apply for certain jobs that you will make yourself right at home! The minimum amount per hour is $ 10 / hour, but for some jobs you can request a higher amount that depending on your personal abilities.

Elance company has a good reputation and many years on the global market with a good strategy.

Registration is free although there are other three membership levels that you can access later. For each member (qualified referral) invited you'll get $ 10 or 10 points, also you will get a gift of 10 points for each Contractor.

You can earn up to $ 100 per day if you are a good freelancer in a particular area and if you have applied for one of the jobs that you are presented. Obviously you are "employed" if you know how to make your "advertisement" in an appropriate way. Elance Freelancer apply using the link below:


I wish success to all who decide to apply to this program.
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